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You can either call Shaw Clifford at 281-794-3738, email him at info@shawclifford.com, or reach out to us from the online contact form.

You can hire Shaw on an hourly or contingency basis.

A contingency basis is primarily for matters related to injury damages recovery while other legal matters are based upon a set hourly rate.

A contingency fee is an agreement between the client and the lawyer where the lawyer agrees to accept a percentage of the money recovered in the case as payment for his attorney’s fees.

The process for filing a lawsuit depends on what claims are being made. Typically, the process starts with sending a notice letter and demand letter to the other party. From there, the parties will often try to settle their disputes without the need to file a lawsuit. If the parties cannot agree to a settlement, then a lawsuit will be filed.

If you have been sued, you should contact a lawyer. A lawyer can determine whether the claims against you are covered by insurance and if you are entitled to a lawyer from your insurance company. If the claim is not covered by insurance, then a lawyer can work with you to form a strategy to defend your case.

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